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About Us

S. J. Associate is a reputed Market Development Consultant based at Baroda in Gujarat. Company has emerged as a major Business Development Company.


The following are some of the highlights of the company:



We establish everlasting relationship with our clients. We believe that the relationship with the client is an investment of time for a return of quality. We believe the value of relationship is to augment the profitability of the client. We also serve as continues improvement tool for their company meet and exceed their requirements.



We train and utilize highly capable staff to provide valuable service to assist our clients to achieve the international recognition and acceptance through the standard of the quality management system; it would cover systematic approach through format for:


Work Force:

We have employed a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals. These experts do not hesitate to go an extra mile for the total satisfaction of the valued clients. Consequently, we are reckoned as one of the credible Trademark Registration Consultants in India.



We cover credibility



Consultancy firm with worldwide activities and acceptance. To fulfill mission an achieve vision management of SJ Associates sets this.



To meet customer requirements & satisfaction by providing services on time, every time. We will also stive to provide value addition to our clients through quality services. To achieve & maintain high standards of Quality Management System by employee motivation, participation & bring continual improvement in the system